Magnum Board™

Magnum Board™ delivers the new standard in high-performance sustainable, health-based building.

A technologically advanced, high-quality Magnesium Oxide Board, it combines natural wood fibres, along with carbon storing magnesium oxide to create a solid construction panel. Free of harmful chemicals, Magnum Board™ provides superior performance and environmental benefits when compared to plywood, gypsum, and cement-based substrates.

Independently appraised both globally and in Australia for interior and exterior applications and reduction in construction times, it is uniquely versatile, for all elements of your build.

Choose Magnum Board™ for your next build and make your project’s single biggest commitment to the environment and human health.

Provans is proud to stock The Magnum Board™ Tongue and Groove Underlay Flooring, but there is a range of products available including internal and external claddings to complement the concept health-based building.

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