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Provans Sponsor Sustainable Builders Alliance

Provans Timber and Hardware are proud to be Platinum Sponsors of the Sustainable Builders Alliance.

This opportunity came about as the result of multiple founding members who are proud Provans customers.

Arising from Australian Builders Declare, the Sustainable Builders Alliance aims to promote low carbon, sustainable and high-performing construction practices.

It was formed through a coming together of experienced, independent sustainable builders looking to accelerate change, through the power of a group rather than individual voices.

Our aim is to drive real change, spread practical knowledge and create a community of informed builders, designers, trades and professionals, to lead the construction industry to a carbon neutral sustainable future.
If you’re ready to be an industry leader and be part of the solution, please sign up to the Sustainable Builders Alliance or become a Sponsor and help change the future of building today.

Launch Night – Founders of Sustainable Builders Alliance