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Engineered Flooring

At Provans Timber and Hardware we have an extensive display of Engineered Flooring from multiple suppliers in our Showroom.

Engineered timber flooring utilises engineered timber boards, in contrast to solid timber flooring which uses solid timber boards. Engineered timber boards are formed by joining multiple layers of wood together. The layers of wood, which is called ply, are joined with their grains perpendicular to each other. The top ply of an engineered timber plank, which is called the lamella, is made from solid wood, normally hardwood. The thickness of the lamella, as well as the overall thickness of the board, determines the quality of the flooring.

Most commonly, Engineered Flooring is a finished product, with a coating already applied, which ensures there is no sanding, top nailing or staining required. It is supplied in boxes with set width and lengths, with variation relevant to each board. Once the flooring is laid down it can be walked on soon after. For further information about installation, please see one of our Staff members.

Come in and visit our Showroom for all your options and pricing.